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Reasons why people prefer to speak to a professional

“We felt having someone we could talk to confidentially outside of our friends and family helped immensely”
– Bob & Jane

“Depression and anxiety just gets in the way of my relationships and I didn’t know what to do so talking to someone who is trained in this area made me understand what was really going on and what to do about it”
– Heather

“When my father died I just couldn’t connect properly with my partner anymore but through counselling we now enjoy a much better relationship”
– Phil & Pam

“The effects of sexual abuse caused me untold relationship problems.  I now have a better understanding of how that affects my adult relationships and I manage things much better now”
– Sharon

“We got help when I discovered my partner was having an affair.  We got through it with lots of counselling and learning about each other”
– Nicole & Sam

“I needed help with saying goodbye to the relationship, letting go and moving on”
– Natasha

“Amongst other things we needed some parenting advice and we found counselling really helpful”
– Brandon & Lee

As you can see, many different issues can impact relationships.

On average most people wait six years before they seek professional help.

Are you willing to wait that long?  Don’t  procrastinate ……call me for a chat now to see if I can be of any service to you.