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Don't struggle alone

Come in for a chat over a cuppa in a friendly non-judgemental, confidential environment. I will listen and together we can help you get unstuck.

Do your relationship dynamics leave you feeling frustrated and confused, especially when you feel either your partner or other people just ‘don’t get you’?

Have you considered what lies beneath your conflicts?

Do you sometimes feel you are with the ‘wrong’ person?

What values, perceptions, and expectations do you hold onto?

Do you know about the developmental stages of all relationships?

Does your relationship difficulties impact those around you – but you don’t know what to do about it?

How do blended or separating families manage relationships?

Can you truly receive the love and intimacy you really want?

I help you to create safety for  you to open up to yourself and others

Learn about the ‘power struggle’ we all experience

Learn how to listen and empathise with one another

Learn how to be more intentional towards one another

Learn about the mystery of attraction

Learn about caring behaviours

Create a Relationship Vision

Learn how the past influences current relationships

Learn to express frustrations in a safe way

Through my personal experience and my professional training I am willing to support you in whatever way you need.  Whether you want to find a new partner, or you want to resolve current issues or revive a ‘tired’ relationship.

Don’t wait any longer, contact me now to arrange an appointment.


“Depression and anxiety just gets in the way of my relationships and I didn’t know what to do so talking to someone who is trained in this area made me understand what was really going on and what to do about it.”
– Heather

“The effects of sexual abuse caused me untold relationship problems.  I now have a better understanding of how that affects my adult relationships and I manage things much better now.”
– Sharon

“When my father died I just couldn’t connect properly with my partner anymore but through counselling we now enjoy a much better relationship.”
– Phil & Pam


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